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I can see the constant movement of my own process reflected on my work.

I move from painting to sculpture almost simultaneously. 

The images I create move from plane to volume with an irremediable will, as if wanting to take space before me. 

A need to embody, to caress, calm, give shape, to catch what I’m feeling. 


That which the eye can’t see, but pushes to get out and occupy a space... 

The shape of the abstract that covers itself with muscles, bones and skin. 

It’s a constant and almost desperate search to  get to see the transcendence of the visible. What happens behind or underneath. The unfathomable and abysmal. Like an attempt to mirror myself in that which is as complex as it is fleeting. 


I could say that I have always been inspired by classical, renaissance and baroque images. 

The greek, with their sculptures of ideal beauty, almost androgynous. With powerful bodies and strong muscles, and their sensible and beautiful expressions. 

Time. Always as a constant and insatiable becoming. That witch modifies without depending on contemporaneity. 

Beauty, like time, never stops and continues to alter us. 

Mar Gonzalez

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